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(#49) Alex: Happy Dad-ish Day!

(1) ALEX: We got you a little something to thank you for fixing all the things we break around here. JANE: Some of us more than others. BRIAN: You're not our Dad, but you're kind of Dad-ish. LISA: And we appreciate you! CAPTION: Happy Dad-ish Day! from Action Figure Diary

If someone in your life is kind of Dad-ish, send him this comic to let him know he's appreciated.
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Dad wrote:
Hey, Wait a minute. I thought that you didn't have your boat any more. How come you still have "This Old Boat" when the house is so crowded with the 6 of you. I would have thought that you would have sold the book by now.
06/19/05 16:40:39
Joe wrote:

I may have sold the boat but the dream still lives. Eventually I will find the time and the money to get back out on the water. Ok, not so much back as out on the water for real. In the mean time, I have a book that tells me what to look for in a water born money pit and I have my fantasies.
06/21/05 03:29:09
Joe wrote:
PS. Happy Father's Day to somebody who is more than Dadish.
06/21/05 06:44:41

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