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(#51) Jane: My new world order for 2005—Part 2

It’s been six months, so I thought it would be a good time to check in on the resolutions I made for everyone this year:

Trish: Stop working so much and come home more. If you have to be out late, at least be out having fun.

Lisa: Let your inner bad girl out to play once in a while. We’re sisters—you must have one in there somewhere.

Joe: You work a little too much, too. You haven’t really bugged me yet, so just keep making Trish happy and we’ll be cool.

Alex: Stop being such a freak and just deal with real life. It won’t bite you—and if it does, just bite back.

Brian: Get out of your head and into the world more. If you can get out during Xena, that would rock.

Trish and Joe are doing okay on working less. I haven’t seen any changes from Lisa, Alex, or Brian, though. I wish they’d listen to me. Everyone would be better off.

It would be sooo cool to see Lisa bust loose. She’s got potential as a bad girl—I just know it. And Alex and Brian would bug me a lot less if they dealt with things the way I told them to. Why don’t people listen to me?!

Well, we’re only half-way through the year. There’s still time for everyone to straighten up and fly right.
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