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(#55) Lisa: I learned at yoga camp

(1) ALEX: Where was I when Lisa became a poker diva? JANE: Who cares? Where was I when she became a poker diva? (2) LISA: I learned at yoga camp. We had poker tournaments at night to pass the time. (3) BRIAN: How much did you win? JANE: And what did you do with it? (4) LISA: I won enough to sponsor three goats for third-world families!
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TSB wrote:
Lisa is referring to a charity called Heifer International

They give animals to hungry families all over the world, not just third-world families. I thought about having Lisa say "I won enough to sponsor three goats for hungry familes," but I didn't want to imply that they just ate the goats. Heifer Int'l is about renewable resources and giving familes an income to improve their lives, not just providing them with a couple of dinners.
07/31/05 09:53:03

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