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(#56) Brian: That only happened once

(1) JANE: I should have known that you'd give that money to charity, Lisa. If I won, I'd buy movies or cool Xena stuff. (2) ALEX: I'd spend the money on comic books. (3) BRIAN: I'd purchase supplies for some special projects I want to do. (4) JANE: Remember the rules, Brian. No more fires! LISA: No more catapults! ALEX: No more flaming catapults! BRIAN: That only happened once!
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TSB wrote:
I like to ask people what they'd do with a financial windfall. You can learn a lot about a person from a daydream like that.

Continuity is good. Brian's incident with catapults and fire was previously mentioned in Episode #18
08/07/05 17:11:32

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