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(#61) Jane: Booyah!

(1) JANE: The other two have folded and this hand is down to us, Alex. I don't think you have the goods this time. I'll see your bet and double it. (2) ALEX: I'll see that and raise you a little more. (3) JANE: I'll see that and raise you a lot more. (4) [Alex thinks.] (5) ALEX: Fold. (6) JANE: Booyah!
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TSB wrote:
The lesson here is that Jane was biting off more than she could chew. When her goal was to beat everyone, it was overwhleming. When her goal was to avoid last place (by beating Alex), that was more achievable.

Will Jane have this same insight? Time will tell...
09/18/05 13:26:50

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