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(#64) Jane: Bring it

(1) JANE: Looks like Lisa and I are way ahead of you guys. Let's end your suffering with a showdown: Texas Hold 'Em, no limit. (2) [Third hand] ALEX: I'm out. That's the last of my cash. (3) [Fifth hand] BRIAN: The odds of you having that hand are astronomical! I can't believe I'm out! (4) LISA: Looks like it's down to the two of us. JANE: Bring it.
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You shot of Alex is a very good one. With just the positioning of his head and body, you confirm the point I made in the last episode. Congratulations on your ability to bring emotion out of an inanimate object!
04/02/06 23:03:36
TSB wrote:
Thanks very much! I'm quite proud of that shot.
04/03/06 10:33:31

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