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(#65) Lisa: Bet it all

(1) JANE: I love you, sis, but the change jar is mine. LISA: Bet it all and we'll know for sure. (2) JANE: Okay. We'll end this tournament right here, right now. Call. (3) LISA: You've come a long way as a player. I'm very proud of you. JANE: I'm not out yet. (4) LISA: You can't beat this hand, Jane. I win. JANE: Noooooo!
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TSB wrote:
I love Jane dearly, but it had to go down this way. The purpose of the poker plot was to give her a challenge she couldn't conquer by force. She had to learn strategies like bluffing and thinking ahead.

Jane really has come a long way as a player, but Lisa is like a Zen master of poker. Jane isn't quite in her league yet, but she can take comfort in the fact that she didn't lose to Alex.
10/09/05 14:25:12

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