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(#67) Jane: The universe can bite me

I thought I could handle not winning the tournament—as long as I wasnít last. I didnít think about how Iíd feel to get so close and not make it. It seemed like victory was almost mine.

I really wanted that change jar. I was going to buy the coolest stuff. It was going to be soooo great.

Alex claims that the guys would have shared their change jar with me if Iíd asked. Yeah, right. Like anyone would do that. Easy to say when you canít prove it.

I practiced a lot and I really tried. I worked so hard. I played some great hands. I canít believe that I gave it my best and it still wasnít good enough. The universe can bite me.

I should have noticed that Lisa knew what she was doing. Iím so used to her being on my side. I just couldnít wrap my mind around the idea of her beating me.

Lisa was wicked cool, though. She never raised her voice, lost her temper, or bragged about how great she was doing. She knew what she was doing every minute of that game. She was smooth.

I hate losing, but itís not like I was tricked or cheated. Lisa won because sheís great. I feel bad that I walked away without congratulating her.

Lisa and Trish are out somewhere. When Lisa gets back, Iím going to make this right.
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TSB wrote:
This seemed like a good time for Jane to reflect on her poker experience, and a diary entry seemed like the best way to do that.

I really love the character of Jane. Part of why I set it up for Lisa to win is because Jane loves and respects her so much. To lose to her beloved sister pushes Jane to move beyond pouting and complaining. She knows that Lisa earned her victory, and that helps Jane stretch a little as a character.

Fear not, Jane fans. This doesn't change the fact that she'd drop-kick Alex in a heartbeat if he pushed her too far. She may have grown a little, but she's still *Jane*.
10/23/05 14:39:35

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