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(#69) Lisa: I hope sheís learned

I just love it when everything works out as a win-win. We all worked hard at the poker tournament, and we all walked away with something.

My original plan was to be in the game to diffuse any conflicts. Itís much easier to calm Jane if you step in when sheís just starting to steam. The boys are very experienced poker players, so there was a pretty good chance that they would win, and then Jane would take it out on them.

But the way it worked out was just lovely. With me as the winner, Jane has no reason to start a war against the boys. And since everyone has new presents to enjoy, no one has to feel too bad about losing.

I know that Jane has learned a lot about poker during this process. I hope she has also learned that just because I donít kick her butt very often, doesnít mean I canít.
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TSB wrote:
This entry was inspired by the feedback of two readers. One of them wanted to see a diary entry with Lisa's perspective on the recent strips. The other wanted to see signs that Lisa wasn't completely perfect.

I played around with both ideas, and this is what came of it.
11/06/05 14:54:35

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