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(#72) Trish: Action figures vs. telemarketers

(1) TELEMARKETER: If you take our survey, you could win a trip to Vegas! JANE: You people bother me. I should come over there and kick your butt! (2) TELEMARKETER: For each dollar you spend with us, some of it helps the homeless! BRIAN: I have some revolutionary theories on helping the homeless. Would you like to debate them with me? (3) TELEMARKETER: Come to our presentation and get a free dinner cruise! LISA: Do you find this job satisfying, or does it weigh on your soul? (4) TELEMARKETER: Sir, how do you feel about cruelty to animals? ALEX: If a cat or dog tries to eat me, I have a right to self-defense!
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TSB wrote:
I deliberately wrote this so that all of their responses are in character, but none of them are useful (such as "Take me off your list").

I wrote Lisa's line first, and it really got this idea rolling for me. The way it made my husband crack up was all the encouragement I needed.
11/27/05 15:26:40
TSB wrote:
I originally named this "Why action figures shouldn't answer the phone." I like the new title much better.
12/01/05 20:36:31

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