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(#74) Jane: Advice for neglected action figures and bald guys

Some people liked my first advice column and sent in their own questions. Check it out:

Q: I'm one of many action figures belonging to a dedicated and enthusiastic collector. Lately, the collector has not been spending much time with me or my sisters. Even his male action figures are feeling neglected or left out. I think our collector is ditching us, he seems very busy and tired all the time with his work and all. Any suggestions on how my siblings and I can approach our collector and let him know that we need some of his attention?

A: Whatever you do, don’t whine! If I wanted someone to pay more attention to me, I’d do something really cool where they could see it—then they’d come to ME.

It sounds like you have a lot of action figures there. Get all your siblings together to make your own kung fu movie or something like that. Have your own great time and wait for him to join in.

If it takes a while for him to catch on, at least you’re having fun making a kung fu movie.

Q: Your question: My son is growing bald and he is very upset about it. I keep telling him that it's proof that he's coming out on top. What should he do?

A: This seems like more of a boy issue, so I asked Alex to handle it. Alex said, “Action figures don’t go bald, but our human, Joe, is bald on top and has been for years. I think you should tell your son to act like Joe. Joe is very confident about his looks and girls seem to dig that. Since he acts like he’s got it goin’ on, he gets treated like he’s got it goin’ on. I’ve seen lots of girls hit on Joe, even when other guys in the room were taller or had more hair. Attitude is everything, apparently.”

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