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(#82) Jane: Advice for scared siblings

As part of my new world order for 2006, Iím answering your questions and getting your life back on track. Hereís the latest:

Q: I have a mean sister who won't share the computer with me. I have to wake up early to use it or she'll push me off.

A: Iím not big on sharing either, but I think I can help. Think about how your sister scares you away from the computer and find a way to up the ante. A stone cold look and a menacing attitude can be very effective. If you threaten her, be vague about what youíll do. Her imagination will do the heavy lifting for you, and it will be harder for your parents to punish you.

Q: I fear for the lives of my action figures. When I leave them alone, a head goes missing. I know itís my psychotic sister who does this. What should I do?

A: Send me her home address and sleeping schedule. Donít tell anyone we spoke.

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TSB wrote:
Both of these questions were in the same letter, but I broke them apart for greater impact.

I'm very grateful to the reader who sent these. Asking Jane for advice about someone who acts like her was wicked clever and I had a lot of fun brainstorming her answers.
02/05/06 14:57:32

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