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(#83) Lisa: Ninjas, pirates, and zombies--Oh my!

(1) LISA: What did you think of the movie? ALEX: It would have been better with zombies. Everything's better with zombies. (2) JANE: Zombies are boring. It'd be better with ninjas. BRIAN: Ninjas don't speak. Pirates are better. (3) JANE: Ninjas! BRIAN: Pirates! ALEX: Zombies! (4) LISA: Poor Shakespeare is spinning in his grave. ALEX: Zombie!
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TSB wrote:
Web surfing brought this one together. A few days ago, Joe told me about something he read on the web, which I wrote in my sketchbook as, "1. That would have been better with zombies. 2. Everything is better with zombies."

Later in the week, I followed a link from Wil Wheaton's blog http://wilwheaton.typepad.c... that led me to some very cool pirates vs. ninjas T-shirts.

I struggled a little to do something with the zombie note, and then I included the pirates and ninjas, and it all came together.
02/12/06 11:02:16

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