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(#86) Alex: The circle of life is overrated

(1) BRIAN: Alex, do you ever think about how the rest of the living things on this planet are all interconnected and we're not part of that? ALEX: Everything on that 'circle of life' gets eaten by something else, Brian. Personally, I think we're lucky to be left out of the food chain.
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TSB wrote:
I liked the idea of these guys hanging out, talking about life, and trying to sink each other's battleships.
03/05/06 14:23:43
D7ana wrote:

So wise. Too true.

03/06/06 20:18:36
Ethan Uranga wrote:
I really like this.
03/07/06 02:11:22
TSB wrote:
Thanks very much for the kind words!
03/12/06 16:11:30

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