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(#87) Jane: No one fears the little, yippy dog

(1) BRIAN: Jane, do you ever think about how everything on the planet evolves for its own benefit, but we're designed for the benefit of those who buy and sell us? JANE: Well, I like the way our design worked out so that we're more durable than fleshy creatures. I just wish they hadn't made us so small. It's a dog-eat-dog world, and no one fears the little, yippy dog.    .    .    .    Except Alex, of course.
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TSB wrote:
Our girl Jane shares her world view in response to Brian's existential dilemma--and manages to take a dig at Alex at the same time. (I LOVE writing Jane.)
03/12/06 16:25:19
Does Jane have a Masters in Snarky Intolerance?
03/12/06 18:34:57
TSB wrote:
Jane isn't a SWEET character, but she's a BLUNT character. She doesn't want action figures to be seen as weak, and she feels that Alex undermines that. She isn't wrong about him, but she isn't helping, either.
03/19/06 14:21:32

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