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(#88) Joe: You were born from our brains

(1) JOE: What's got you down, Brian? BRIAN: I've been comparing living action figures to humans and it's made me unhappy. (2) BRIAN: We're designed for the benefit of others, we're not part of the 'circle of life,' and we missed out on evolution. JOE: Wow. I see what you mean. (3) JOE: I see living action figures as humanity's intellectual offspring. In a way, you were born from our brains, like Athena. BRIAN: Hmm. (4) JOE: And when it comes to video games, you're better than a lot of humans. BRIAN: I am the game master. Do you have time for me to kick your butt? JOE: Always.
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TSB wrote:
And that's how Brian got over his existential crisis.
03/19/06 14:34:44
TSB wrote:
I'm sorry about the recent issues with the mailing list. NotifyList doesn't seem to be sending out my e-mails, and they won't write me back to say why.

**Update (3/21/06)** I just found out that some people got four e-mails announcing Episode #88 and I'm very sorry! I didn't know that my attempts to fix the mailing list problem would do that. I humbly apologize and will do my best to prevent that from ever happening again.
03/19/06 15:46:32
D7ana wrote:
Aw ... Trish, your guys are cute :-D

I like that - that living action figures are the intellectual offspring of humans.

Glad to see Brian cheering up.

03/19/06 17:09:30
TSB wrote:
Thanks, Dana! I'm glad that readers have enjoyed this arc.
03/21/06 10:45:22

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