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(#1) Trish: Welcome to my world

(1) ALEX: Give 'em back! JANE: Make me. LISA: Let's talk this out. BRIAN: Tricia will be home soon! (2) TRISH: Surprise! Tricia's home now. (3) TRICIA: Jane, give back Alex's binoculars. I'm in no mood for this today. I'm going to put my coat away & then we'll all talk about this. (4) TRISH: Welcome to my world.
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TSB wrote:
The idea for strip #1 came straight out of Ch. 1 of Little Plastic Heroes:

I have always believed that the best way to introduce these characters was by having the reader "walk in" in the middle of one of their typical sibling rivalry moments.

When I shot this strip, I was still trying to find a cape for Alex, so I had Jane take his binoculars instead.

My only regret is that there wasn't a graceful way to introduce Joe in this strip, so I took care of that in the next comic.
10/20/04 14:23:54

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