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(#168) Trish's favorite superpower

(1) ALEX: Trish, if you could choose a superpower, what would it be? TRISH: Teleporting, because I hate driving. (2) ALEX: What if it's like in Terminator and you can't bring clothes with you? (3) TRISH: I could avoid driving to work by leaving clothes in the ladies' room and teleporting between there and my bedroom. (4) ALEX: You must really hate driving to risk being naked in public. TRISH: You have no idea.
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TSB wrote:
I can't say for certain that I would go THIS far, but I would put up with a lot for the ability to teleport. I own a car, but I'm a nervous driver who doesn't enjoy driving. I carpool to work as much as practical and live in a neighborhood where I can walk to errands, etc.
03/16/08 21:40:21

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