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(#180) Alex: That's more like it

(1) JANE: Brian should get off my case. It's not like all of his plans work. ALEX: Usted hablara con la demostracion entere. TRANSLATION: Will you be talking through the show? (2) JANE: Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't want you to get any weirder. ALEX: Los anuncios publicitarios han casi terminado. TRANSLATION: The commercials are almost over. (3) JANE: I'm sorry I caused all this. I liked you better the other way. (4) ALEX: Eso esta mas bien el. TRANSLATION: That's more like it.
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TSB wrote:
I thought this was a nice bit of growth for Jane as a character, and I had fun writing an arc that got her there.
05/25/09 18:14:17

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