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(#196) Jane: Oprah is already working on it

(1) JANE: There's no point in me trying to take over the world. Oprah is already working on it. (2) BRIAN: What? No! That can't be right. JANE: Don't fight it. The world will be filled with good books and beautiful things. (3) BRIAN: I have to go check on this. (4) JANE: Heh. That's going to keep him busy for quite a while.
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TSB wrote:
I wrote some alternate lines for Jane that I didn't have room for:

* "I take comfort in the fact that it will be a benign dictatorship."

* "Don't worry, the world will be a wonderful place with Oprah in charge."

These lines opened up several alternate titles, such as "(#196) Jane: Oprah's benign dictatorship" and "(#196) Jane: Oprah in charge." I would have loved to see "Oprah's benign dictatorship" in my archive list, but I thought that might have been pushing it within the realm of the story. If Jane gushed about Oprah too much, Brian would have to get suspicious and wouldn't fall for her prank.
09/07/09 20:11:17

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