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(#96) Lisa: Happy Mom-ish Day!

(1) LISA: You're not our Mom, but you are Mom-ish, and we appreciate you! M is for the many things you give us. JANE: O is for the other stuff you do. ALEX: M is for the merry way you raise us. BRIAN: ISH rhymes with wish, which is a, um. . .dream that your heart makes-- --We got you chocolate! CAPTION: Happy Mom-ish Day from Action Figure Diary
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TSB wrote:
When Joe is in the shot and I need him to have a natural-looking smile, I say silly things in funny voices and snap pictures when he's laughing. (Joe looks very "posed" otherwise.)

I usually have no problem posing my face, but I was very tired when we shot this, and I wasn't nailing it, so I asked Joe to make me laugh. He got very self-conscious and had trouble with it, so I started teasing him in funny voices until I made myself laugh.

That's how dedicated I am, people.
05/14/06 12:06:17
Yay for the crew at Trish's place!
05/14/06 20:48:50
TSB wrote:
Thanks very much, Badger!
05/15/06 10:17:46
Elizabeth A. Allen wrote:
Hey Trish -- I always enjoy your Action Figure Diary. It's very well-written with a good respect for story arcs and character development. I'm E-mailing you to see if you want to cross-promote.
05/17/06 07:08:42

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