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(#95) Alex: I have a safety plan

(1) LISA: Since there's a risk of fire, we should discuss safety. BRIAN: Don't worry, Lisa. I'll be careful. ALEX: I have a safety plan. (2) JANE: 'Careful' isn't enough--these are electronics! BRIAN: I know what I''m doing! (3) JANE: You're so stubborn! BRIAN: I'm stubborn?! ALEX: I hid a fire extinguisher under the table! (4) LISA: Good thinking, Alex! JANE: YOU did that?! BRIAN: You did THAT?! ALEX: Ta-dah!
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TSB wrote:
In my comment on Ep. 91 I said that Alex was there for several reasons. This is one of them. ;)
05/07/06 11:52:09
He loves his brother, but is not blind?
05/07/06 13:03:25
TSB wrote:
You've got it, Badger!
05/13/06 21:33:42

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