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(#98) Jane: Bet I can hit the stereo

(1) JANE: This looks like a good plan, but I should probably do a quick test to be sure. Do you think I can reach the stereo from here? LISA: Jane, darling, please put the pin back in and step away from the fire extinguisher.
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TSB wrote:
I took this picture when I was shooting the previous episode. I knew that some readers were going to doubt whether Alex had a good plan for using the fire extinguisher, so I wanted to show how it would work.

The fact that Jane is a little too excited about using the fire extinguisher is a bonus.

SNEAK PREVIEW: Next week's episode (#99) will include the line, "And my kung fu is the best!"
05/28/06 10:51:27
Lisa just doesn't understand the pleasure of going Weapons Free, does she?
05/28/06 20:51:23

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