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(#112) Brian: It's just not right

(1) BRIAN: B-4. I can't stand the way my blur button is being misused! Blocking the president, taking the fight scenes out of Rocky--it's just not right! ALEX: Hit. Maybe that's what happens to inventions that don't burn up. Let's face it, this is new territory for you.
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TSB wrote:
I love the way these characters relate to each other as brothers. Alex isn't being unkind, he's just offering a different perspective.

I also love setting up the Battleship boards for these two. It's such a "guy" way to have a heart-to-heart.
09/03/06 13:49:10
MW wrote:
I like how you use continuity, such as the characters referring to the burnt up invention.

09/05/06 06:46:57

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