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(#114) Trish: I've learned to accept that

(1) BRIAN: Trish, how are you using my blur button? TRISH: To blur bloody scenes on TV . . . and brush up on my Spanish. (2) BRIAN: At least someone uses it properly. Lisa and Jane are corrupting it. It's driving me nuts! TRISH: Aww, I'm sorry, Brian. I know what that's like. (3) BRIAN: You do? Really? TRISH: Sure. Some people read my stories and see a different meaning than I intended. I've learned to accept that. (4) BRIAN: Or, we could team up to correct the people who misuse our creations. TRISH: It's a shame you don't eat. Chocolate can be very healing at times like this.
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TSB wrote:
The first time I had one of my short stories critiqued by a workshop, I was amazed at how many people saw things in my story that I hadn't deliberately put there. (Example: I didn't realize I'd included water in all the scenes with a certain character, it just happened. Someone noticed that and assigned a meaning to it.) The readers saw my intended themes and symbolism too, but they added their own layers on top of that.

In our private debrief after the workshop, I asked my instructor if that meant I'd done something wrong. He said that I should shake it off for two reasons: (1) It was a very natural thing for readers to do, because we all see life through a lens that is shaped by our unique experiences. (2) The writer's subconscious makes more behind-the-scenes decisions than we realize.
09/17/06 12:29:45
It IS a pity that they don't eat. I could see Jane being a self assigned Queen of Chocolate Distribution.
09/17/06 21:24:49

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