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(#115) Brian: I could use better tools

(1) BRIAN: How can you just accept it when people misuse your creations? TRISH: When I sell a story, it's not just mine any more. (2) BRIAN: How do you put a price on your creations? TRISH: There's an industry standard for these things. (3) BRIAN: I'm not sure I could do that. (4) TRISH: I've got $100 in my purse. You could finance your next invention with that. BRIAN: I could use better tools.
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TSB wrote:
When I was an English major in college, I knew some writers who felt very conflicted about selling their work. I also knew some writers who just wanted to know which types of writing made the most money so they could focus on those.

I've been working as a writer/editor since my college years, so I believe in a more pragmatic approach.
09/24/06 11:35:59

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