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(#116) Jane: Dating advice for doormats

Q: Iíve been dating my boyfriend for over four years. Three years ago, he moved into my house with his two adult children (early 20s). Iíve talked with his children about either following my rules or moving out. My boyfriend thinks it's okay for them to live here for free and ignore the rules. What should I do?

A: Itís going to be too much work to get him or his kids to change and theyíre just not worth it. Youíre better off spending your time figuring out why you put up with this crap for so long and learning to stick up for yourself.

Your boyfriend is a big part of the problem here. Kick all three of them out and change the locks. You can do better.

Q: Thereís this girl I like at school. Every time I ask her out, she says, ďIíd love to, but Iím really busy right now.Ē She makes it sound like I should keep trying, but I canít seem to close the deal. Should I bring her flowers? Invite her on a really expensive date? How do I get this girl to say yes already?

A: Stop asking her out. Sheís never going to say yes. She probably thinks sheís being nice by letting you down easy, but sheís a wimp.

Itís like those movie rentals we get mailed to the house. When Iím excited about a movie, I make time to watch it pretty quick. When Iím not, it sits around on the table forever and I usually send it back unwatched. Youíre being sent back unwatched, and you need to accept that.

If she really wanted to go out with you, she would help you close the deal. Thatís not whatís happening here. Stop asking her out and donít let anyone string you along like this again.

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TSB wrote:
I think that anyone who's dated has had (at least) the occasional doormat moment, especially when weíre young and donít realize how many options we have.
10/01/06 19:05:46

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