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(#10) Brian: That's his way

(1) JANE: Brian, isn't there anything you can do about your brother's weird superhero thing? BRIAN: Fascinating. I had no idea that you and I shared an opinion on that subject. JANE: Neither did I. (2) JANE: What have you tried so far? BRIAN: Countless debates, supported by mountains of evidence. I even made graphs. Nothing could change his mind. JANE: Graphs? What are you talking about? (3) BRIAN: My attempts to convince Alex that Batman is the ultimate superhero. He makes the most of his human abilities by training and studying. Superman was just born that way. (4) JANE: Huh. I was talking about the way Alex wears that cape around the house and acts like a freak. BRIAN: Oh. That's his way. You should just accept it.
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Uncle Phil wrote:
Hilarious!! I loved every bit of it.

Keep it up.
09/22/04 05:11:07
TSB wrote:
Thanks very much!
10/02/04 14:15:08
TSB wrote:
These characters are so much fun. Brian is as unapologetically geeky as Alex is unapologetically goofy.

When I was first creating the characters, I decided that Alex was a Superman fan and Brian was a Batman fan. It was meant to be a minor detail to flesh them out in my mind, but it grew from there.
10/20/04 15:20:08

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