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(#185) Jane: We're back!

(1) JANE: Did you fix the doohickey? BRIAN: I don't have a doohickey. (2) JANE: Fine. Did you fix the Internet? BRIAN: There are several things wrong with that question. (3) JANE: Arrgh! Did you fix the doohickey that connects us to the Internet? BRIAN: Yes. (4) JANE: Excellent, we're back! I call dibs on the computer. BRIAN: Of course you do.
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Amithi wrote:
Finally! I'm looking forward to see new stories soon. ;)
05/18/09 09:05:35
TSB wrote:
I wrote the first three panels of this episode very easily, but it took me a couple of tries to come up with the bit in panel 4. Once I had it, I just loved the idea that someone who has lived with Jane for years would completely expect this behavior.
05/25/09 17:56:57

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