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(#20) Trish: Until Jane clues in and hurts you

LISA: Alex and Jane have been asleep for hours. Maybe the push-up contest was a bad idea, Brian. TRISH: I'm home! (2) TRISH: I always knew I'd come home to unconscious action figures someday, but I pictured Jane trying to explain it to me. What happened here? (3) BRIAN: They were arguing over the TV, so I suggested a push-up contest. I knew they would compete until they passed out. It's a great way to keep the peace! (4) TRISH: Really? How many times do you think you can trick Jane into passing out before she clues in and hurts you? BRIAN: Um... TRISH: Exactly.

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TSB wrote:
Because of our different schedules, Joe is usually asleep when I shoot the comic. So, when I'm in the shot, I set up the tripod and the 10-second timer and dash into the frame.

Because of that, it took me 10 shots to get Panel 2 right. By the time I was shooting Panel 4, my camera battery was dying. Fortunately, Joe was awake by then, and was kind enough to shoot Panel 4 for me. Thanks, honey!
11/28/04 20:28:02
LOL! I do enjoy Jane! Brian is also one of my favorite 1:6 people!
04/02/06 21:59:19
TSB wrote:
Thanks, Scott! I've been trying to give Brian more screen time in 2006, because I want more people to appreciate him.
04/03/06 10:42:08

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