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(#19) Brian: Scout's honor

(1) LISA: Brian, why were you so vague with Trish the other day? BRIAN: She might not approve of what I'm about to do. (2) BRIAN: How are things going in here? ALEX: Jane is hogging the TV again. BRIAN: Let's settle this with a contest. JANE: What kind of contest? (3) LISA: What's this? BRIAN: A push-up contest. LISA: Brian, no! They're so competitive, they won't stop until... (4) LISA: ...they pass out. (5) LISA: Promise me you'll always use my lessons for good. BRIAN: Scout's honor.

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TSB wrote:
If I were a sculptor, I would make multiple heads for each of these action figures so that they could show a range of facial expressions. I work with what I have though, so I try to use body language to show the emotions of the action figures instead.

Panel 4 was a rare stroke of luck in that Lisa's manufactured expression was a good fit for the moment & worked for a close-up. In my original storyboard, Lisa was going to complete her sentence in Panel 3 and be silent in Panel 4.

P.S. to Andrew: that blue thing on the wall in Panels 4 & 5 is that metal salamander you gave us!
11/23/04 14:10:32
Uncle Andrew wrote:
Oh, wow, that *is* the gecko I gave you. A star is born! ;-)
11/23/04 17:12:22

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