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(#18) Trish: Don't make me regret it

(1) TRISH: You two have been whispering together a lot lately. What's going on? BRIAN: We're working on a project. (2) TRISH: A project, huh? Do I have your word that it won't involve catapults or fire this time? BRIAN: Yes! I learned my lesson after the incident. (3) BRIAN: Besides, that was a physics project. This is a psychological project. LISA: It's perfectly safe! (4) TRISH: Okay, I'm going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt. Don't make me regret it. LISA & BRIAN: Okay, Trish!

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TSB wrote:
In my novel, Little Plastic Heroes, we had a family meeting in which we discussed the house rules. One of the rules was that Brian couldn't make catapults out of kitchen utensils any more.

I was originally going to have a different comic this week, but I realized that the character of Trish would never let Lisa and Brian's plotting go on this long without asking about it.
11/23/04 13:57:44

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