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(#32) Jane: He lives here

(1) LISA: Jane, I'm so proud of you! By not putting Alex on your justice list, you're slowly accepting him as family. (2) JANE: Oh, man! How does she make me feel so guilty? (3) BRIAN: Not about acceptance, then. JANE: No. (4) BRIAN: So your reason was... JANE: He lives here. I didn't need to write him down!

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TSB wrote:
Action Figure Diary was down for a while. Sorry about that. I changed my password because someone tried to break in, and it messed things up.

I take some comfort from the fact that I diagnosed and repaired the problem by myself, though. I can break things AND fix them. My skills are growing all the time.
02/20/05 16:49:39
Uncle Andrew wrote:
I love what you're doing with the body language of your figures, Trish; Jane's imploring pose in the last panel is perfect, and I love the little changes in Brian's head tilt from panel to panel. Keep this up and you'll be syndicated in no time. Where do I get my Action Figure Diary coffee mug??
02/25/05 09:04:00
TSB wrote:
Thanks so much for noticing the body language, Andrew. I make a big effort to show their emotions that way, but I'm sometimes limited by what the actual action figures can do.

I LOVE the way this comic turned out, especially the last panel. Some of the comic shoots are very frustrating (action figures falling over, bodies won't move the right way), but this one went smoothly.

I've toyed with the idea of a CafePress shop for Action Figure Diary. I think it would be fun to put some of the strips on T-shirts, mugs, and postcards. I find myself wondering what kind of stuff people would want and which strips they would want on them.

You can be my test subject! What would you want on an AFD coffee mug, Andrew?
02/26/05 18:43:17

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