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(#36) Brian: No fishing allowed

(1) JANE: This game would be easier if I had another king. LISA: Ooh, I have one. I can discard it on my next turn. (2) BRIAN: This is Rummy, Lisa. You and Jane are not a team. LISA: It's okay, Brian. I'm not using it. (3) ALEX: If anyone wants to discard an ace, I wouldn't complain. (4) BRIAN: For the last time, this is Rummy, not Go Fish!

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TSB wrote:
This episode is based on real life. Joe and I sometimes play games with our friends Don and Patty. Patty and I sometimes take Lisa's cooperative approach to discards and other set-ups, which makes Joe and Don roll their eyes.

I originally had a different comic planned for today, but I just had to change my plans when I found these miniature playing cards at Pacific Place yesterday.

I've been wanting to do a card game shoot with the action figures for a while now, but it's awkward with normal-sized cards. These mini cards are just the thing.
03/20/05 16:10:06
Tom Bekey wrote:
What's Lisa sitting on? Is that an inverted chinese tea cup?

Also, what are they using for a table?
03/20/05 20:43:46
TSB wrote:
Good eye! Lisa and Jane ARE sitting on inverted Chinese tea cups. The table is a little wooden box that originally held a 30-soap gift set from Bliss Soaps (you can glimpse the upside-down logo in panels 1 & 4). The box is sitting on a plastic drinking cup to raise it to table height.

You can't see it in these shots, but Alex is sitting on a watch box and Brian is sitting on an inverted coconut shell that used to be a candleholder. Those props were also used in #31 and #32

It's part of my concept of this world that the action figures adapt human-scale items to their own uses.
03/21/05 10:23:14
MP3Hunter wrote:
That's a good episode, I like it
07/21/10 06:11:23
What a creativity!
07/19/12 11:11:08

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