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(#35) Trish: Our mail solution

(1) TRISH: We need to reduce your junk mail, Alex. You're killing trees. (2) ALEX: I can't hurt trees! Trees are cool. TRISH: You can keep three catalogs. I'll cancel the others. (3) ALEX: How am I supposed to choose? TRISH: You could dump the ones that make no sense for your size. (4) ALEX: No more John Deere catalogs? TRISH: No more John Deere catalogs.

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TSB wrote:
Alex's love of trees was mentioned in #23:
03/13/05 15:15:50
JohnnyE4 wrote:
Hey Trish
I got some great 1/6 comics Alex can have let me know if he wants them
03/14/05 17:20:27
TSB wrote:
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Johnny. I just sent you an email.
03/20/05 09:54:09
No More JD Catalogs? Blasphemy! My CYs have there own 1:6 scale John Deere Buck ATV, and fuel from a 1:6 John Deere gas pump.
04/02/06 22:21:18
TSB wrote:
If it makes you feel better, Alex was getting 1:1 scale John Deere catalogs.
04/03/06 10:48:56
Trish, a suggestion: You are almost same in all 4 panels. Could have given different posture or some different angles
07/19/12 11:08:15

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