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(#34) Trish: Our mail problem

(1) ALEX: Any mail for me, Trish? TRISH: All of this is for you. What is this junk? (2) ALEX: It's not junk! TRISH: Alex, you have tons of useless magazine offers and catalogs. (3) TRISH: Half of this is from a fishing club. You weigh ten ounces. What could you possibly fish for? (4) ALEX: That came with a free survival kit. It has six tools and a compass! TRISH: And suddenly, our mail problem makes a lot more sense.

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TSB wrote:
I'm a HUGE fan of Red Dwarf []. This comic was inspired by a Season 2 episode called "Better Than Life" where Rimmer scolds Lister for signing up for every ridiculous offer just so he can get mail. I was thinking that Alex would do the same know, if he weren't someone I'd made up in my head.

Joe did the actual shoot for this episode, which spared me the hassle of setting up the 10-second timer and then leaping into the frame. Thanks, honey!

For the record, Joe voted that I call this one "Alex: Six tools and a compass." I was very tempted by that title, but the title I used could lead to some fun tie-ins later, like an episode called "Our male problem" or "Our mail solution." If you look through the Archives [], you'll notice that I do that sort of thing.

P.S. I've had lots of trouble with spam in my comments, so I added a Captcha feature. Since this blog is mostly images, I think my audience can handle it. If you have a problem, please use the Contact form to let me know:
03/06/05 10:35:12
TSB wrote:
I am highly allergic to cats, but this essay on Tomato Nation about getting a Roomba and watching it freak out the cats makes me want to get cats and a Roomba of my own, just so I can watch the fun!
03/10/05 11:04:20

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