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(#63) Lisa: I can handle it

(1) JANE: I don't like it when Brian deals, there are too many rules. I hate to follow Alex's lead, but I fold. (2) LISA: I can handle it. I'll see Brian's last bet and raise it. (3) BRIAN: I'll double your bet. (4) LISA: Call. (5) BRIAN: Full house. Looks like this one is mine. (6) Four jacks beats that. This one is mine.
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TSB wrote:
I shot several versions of this strip. In the botom panels, I wanted to evoke two gunslingers facing each other down.

I tried the bottom panels as wide shots of Brian and Lisa facing each other across the table, but I had to pull so far back that I felt like the mood was lost. I reused the 6-panel layout of #61 because I like the dramatic intensity, but I used profile shots to get the mood I wanted.
09/25/05 13:08:06
I feel sorry for Alex, he and Jane are very much alike. If Brian or Lisa were to lose, they would accept it as a loss in a game. I get the feeling that it is more important to Alex and Jane. Particularly as Jane can't tell the difference between Alex's basic niceness, and her perception of him as weak.
04/02/06 22:59:48
TSB wrote:
Your exactly right about Jane interpreting Alex's niceness as weakness, but I think Episode #66 shows that Alex is a good sport about losing.
04/03/06 10:36:16

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