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(#78) Jane: Time to clean house

(1) JANE: I have a complaint. TRISH: What's on your mind, darling? (2) JANE: This place is a mess! TRISH: Humans get sick, Jane. Joe and I have a virus and we need to rest. (3) JANE: You've been sick for ages. How much longer? TRISH: I don't know, but it would help if you and your siblings cleaned up after us for once. (4) JANE: Trish wants you guys to clean the house. I'm going out. Bye!

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TSB wrote:
Art imitates life. I've been sick since Thanksgiving and it's been AWFUL. (I may be battling a superflu from outer space. Please send Bruce Willis or someone to blow it up.) Joe's been pretty healthy, so he's been taking care of me and keeping the house in order.

Last week, Joe got sick too and our entire home turned into a disaster area in ONE DAY. It was amazing how quickly everything fell apart.

Joe recovered in TWO DAYS--which I deeply resent--but at least the kitchen is clean.
01/08/06 16:36:19
Dana aka D7ana wrote:
Trish, my sympathies for your battle with SuperFlu.

I love Jane's interpretation of "you and your siblings." Now to see how the guys interpret what she said ... (rubs hands together).

Hope you get better soon, Trish.

01/09/06 18:15:12
TSB wrote:
Thanks for your good wishes, Dana!
01/15/06 19:47:53

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