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(#79) Alex: It pays to help

(1) JANE: How was the house cleaning, boys? ALEX: Great! Trish gave us money for helping out! (2) JANE: Whaaat?! (3) BRIAN: Discretion is the better part of valor, Alex. ALEX: Huh? (4) BRIAN: Run! ALEX: Right!
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TSB wrote:
This episode marks the beginning of a new era for Action Figure Diary. To keep the figures upright while giving them the appearance of motion, I used fishing line and push pins to suspend them from a countertop that hangs over this space.

I didn't have to alter the photos--the fishing line didn't show. Setting up the shots this way took ages longer than I expected, but it let me use poses that wouldn't be possible with other techniques.
01/15/06 19:41:44
KeiichiYamazaki wrote:
lol Alex must be a slow learner huh? ^^
I was wondering how you did that running pose, but now I know!
Great stuff stuff here, Trish!
Hope you're feeling better~
01/19/06 14:39:48
TSB wrote:
Thanks for the good wishes, KeiichiYamazaki! I'm not back to full speed yet, but I'm not as ill as I was a few weeks ago.
01/22/06 14:04:58

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