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(#80) Trish: I told you to help

(1) JANE: You didn't tell me there would be extra allowance for cleaning up! (2) TRISH: No, but I told you to help, so who really goofed here? (3) [Jane thinks.] (4) JANE: Alex? TRISH: Bzzzzzt. Try again.
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TSB wrote:
Jane isn't one of those people who holds things in.
01/22/06 14:01:55
TSB wrote:
As of today, Action Figure Diary is searchable! I've put each comic's dialogue in the ALT tag, which is good for the disabled AND makes the comics readable by Google and Nucleus (the software I use for this site).

The only quirk is that Nucleus ignores any word that appears in more than 50% of the entries, so searching for "Alex" doesn't work, but searching for "SuperAlex" does.

Check it out and let me know what you think. The site's search form ("Search Action Figure Diary") works now. Searching the comic text with Google should work as soon as Google crawls the site again.
01/22/06 17:20:00
kd_230692 a.k.a john wrote:
OMG! i just found this site but it's so friggin' awsome. i signed up for the update list. it's beyond cool!


ps- get well soon.
01/28/06 21:30:42
TSB wrote:
Welcome to the comic, John! Thanks for your good wishes.
01/29/06 11:34:08

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