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(#84) Jane: Action figures have rights, too

(1) JANE: Have you ever tried to convince Trish and Joe to give us our Constitutional rights? BRIAN: Legally, the Constitution and Bill of Rights don't apply to us. (2) BRIAN: Of course, that wouldn't preclude our humans from granting us certain rights in our own home. . . They already give us First Amendment rights. We don't have Second Amendment rights, but. . . (3) BRIAN: You want me to help you convince Joe and Trish to give you the right to bear arms. (4) JANE: I believe in a well-regulated militia. BRIAN: No, you believe in keeping the remote at all costs!
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TSB wrote:
Someone asked me why I created a world in which my main characters don't have the same basic rights as other Americans.

Although my comic takes place in a world in which action figures are alive, I have endeavored to keep that world as realistic as possible. Considering how slowly we are moving in granting equal rights to ALL humans, I can't make myself pretend that we would grant those rights to action figures.
02/19/06 14:18:27

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