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(#102) Brian: And a lab with a locking door

(1) ALEX: I want to help you with your plan to invent the blur button, Brian. What do you need? (2) BRIAN: I have most of it, but I still need a titanium case, an oscilloscope for voltage testing, electrician's pliers, and a lab with a locking door. (3) [ALEX THINKS] (4) ALEX: I know where to find switch boxes, a battery tester, and tweezers. And I can ask Lisa to take Jane to the movies. BRIAN: Close enough.
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TSB wrote:
I have big plans for the blur button plot, and I wanted to get it moving--Alex seems like just the guy to do that.

Besides, every mad scientist needs a lab assistant. (insert evil laugh here)
06/25/06 11:56:43
I believe I may have a small set of linesman's pliers, much larger than 1:6, but much easier for Brian to use, than a 1:1 set. Would he like them?
06/27/06 22:46:47
TSB wrote:
Thanks so much for offering, Scott. That's very cool! I'm going to move forward with the tweezers for now. The fact that the world isn't scaled for him is going to be part of Brian's plot.
07/04/06 14:41:56

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