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(#104) Brian: Humans need more plastic

(1) ALEX: I'm really glad you're inventing the blur button. BRIAN: Why? Bloody TV shows have never bothered you. (2) ALEX: All the new cable shows seem to define 'cutting-edge' as 'naked.' BRIAN: Naked human parts can be disturbing. (3) ALEX: Their naked parts flop around. Why do they do that? BRIAN: Humans need more plastic. (4) ALEX: I've seen shows where the human girls seemed part plastic. It didn't help.
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TSB wrote:
As an example of what the boys are talking about, Joe and I have watched a couple episodes of an HBO comedy called Lucky Louie. So far, my reaction is that someone on this show decided that a sitcom needs naked johnsons in every episode to get laughs. I feel like they're trying too hard to truly be edgy. I find the show much funnier when the writing and performances are strong and the johnsons stay in their pants.
07/09/06 19:15:46
How very true, I was watching a program on Discovery, I think it was, during sweeps week, of course, called, I believe, The Bust. This was, of course, 2 hours on breasts, and the bra, a sure fire ratings booster for the sweeps. They showed why the human girls with plastic would not be capable of being bra model, because they look hard and fake. So a tip of the Badger Beanie to Alex, for being so observant!
07/09/06 21:32:47

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