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(#132) Jane: Snow sculptures, part 2

(1) JANE: I call mine 'Xena Settles a Score.' LISA: I call mine 'Chilly Lama.'
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Amithi wrote:

Xena could look a bit more aggressive, but the cilly lama looks wonderfully serene.
01/23/07 06:07:52
TSB wrote:
I tried giving Xena an "angry" mouth, but it just didn't look right.

This was part of the difficult shoot I did last week. My original sketch for this comic had Xena surrounded my snowmen--three of them were already decapitated and her sword was about to hit the fourth. It was a neat idea, but I'm glad I simplified it before the shoot.

The sword that Xena's using is something I made out of popsicle sticks when I was young. I managed to hang onto it somehow and it found a new life as my letter opener.

I'm quite pleased with the chilly lama. I wish I could have kept him. He continued to look quite serene as he melted on the lawn.
01/23/07 18:39:23

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