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(#172) Alex: Advice on Batman vs. Superman

Q: Alex, why do you still refuse to admit that Batman is the ultimate superhero? He has expanded his natural abilities through years of vigorous physical and intellectual training. And donít even get me started on his magnificent inventions . . .

By way of comparison, Superman was born that way. He wouldnít have even been considered super if he had lived his entire life on his own planet. In light of this information, how can you persist in your belief that Superman is the ultimate superhero?

P.S. Your sports equipment is spreading towards my side of the room again.

A: Nice try, Brian. I still maintain that the best superheroes are defined by their amazing superpowers and how they use them for the common good. Gadgets and training just canít compare, in my opinion. I respect Batman, but I still believe that Superman rules.

P.S. Letís not relive the ďmy side/your sideĒ debate of 2003. Nothing good can come of that.

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