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(#183) Lisa: Not home alone

Q: When your people go on vacation, do you stay home or travel with them? If you stay home, what do you do while the adults are gone?

A: Sometimes we all take a family vacation, and sometimes Trish and Joe go away on their own. When Trish and Joe go away without the four of us, they send us to stay with friends or family. Although Trish and Joe leave us home alone while they are at work, certain . . . incidents . . . have made them uncomfortable with the idea of leaving us home alone for several days in a row.

Jane sometimes asks if we can please stay home alone this time, but then Joe starts muttering things along the lines of “We’d come home to a smoldering hole in the ground” or “That’s what we need, Lord of the Flies.”

The conversation usually goes downhill from there. I’m somewhat impressed that Jane keeps asking.

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TSB wrote:
I'm very grateful to the readers who send in questions. It's a different perspective on this little world I've created and it's fun to come up with the answers.
05/25/09 18:07:28

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