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(#13) Jane: A freak who’s too busy to bug me

I still think Alex is a freak for pretending to be a superhero, but at least he’s a freak who’s too busy to bug me. When he plays “SuperAlex,” he’s off in some private part of the house, lost in his delusions. That means he’s too busy to nag me about giving him a turn on the TV or computer.

The last time he put on the cape, he was so wrapped up in his weirdness that I had the TV to myself for two whole hours. Sweet! The more he lives in his stupid fantasy world, the less I have to share.

I wonder if there’s any way I can get Alex to put on his weird little cape more often.
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Uncle Andrew wrote:
Trish, I'm so sorry I haven't taken a look at Action Figure Diary until now. These rock! I think you've found a great outlet for your obvious creativity.
10/17/04 12:18:36
TSB wrote:
Hi, Andrew. Thanks very much!
10/20/04 14:17:23
Andrew, agree with your words.
07/19/12 10:23:36

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