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(#29) Alex: Your leafy reign of terror is over

(1) ALEX SAYS: Unhand them, you fiend! Your leafy reign of terror is over! ALEX THINKS: SuperAlex must act quickly to save the villagers from certain doom.

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TSB wrote:
For those of you who are new, Alex has no superpowers--he just has a rich fantasy life. You can see other SuperAlex moments in #7 and #24

The plant was a gift from our friend Kevin and the "villagers" are an assortment of toys that Joe and I keep on the coffee table for silliness during commercial breaks. I put the spoon in Alex's hand as an homage to the Tick.
01/30/05 11:48:17
TSB wrote:
I finished the comic hours ago, but I just can't stop saying, "Your leafy reign of terror." It gives me giggles. I want to start a band just so I can make that the name of our first album. I probably need help.

According to Google, no one else on the entire Internet has ever used that phrase. That gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.
01/30/05 14:59:31
SuperAlex has the mighty white spoon in his hand :) very nice.
07/19/12 10:54:35

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