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(#60) Jane: Iíve got a new plan

This poker tournament isnít going as well as I thought it would. Iím doing okay, but Brian and Lisa are soooo good! Alex isnít such a pushover either—he pulls off a pretty good hand once in a while.

Iím bluffing okay. I know my card combinations. Iíve got a fair shot, but Iím not strong enough to beat everyone at the table.

I may not come out of this with the change jar. These guys have all been playing poker longer than I have. Why did I think I could win my first tournament? Thatís like a novice fighter trying to win against Xena.

Iíve got a new plan: Donít be last. If I canít beat them all and take the change jar, Iíll do everything I can to make winning a challenge for themóand I wonít come in last place.

Someday, when Iíve had the chance to practice a lot more, Iíll conquer them in another tournamentÖand victory will be mine!
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TSB wrote:
This kind of thinking is a big step for Jane. She's getting a little more emotionally mature, without losing the qualities that make her special.
09/04/05 16:16:18

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