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(#42) Jane: I need a plan

I played my first poker game against Alex and Brian and it was a total nightmare! What’s up with that? It seemed easy when I was playing against the computer. I’ll never win the change jar unless I can figure out how to beat those guys.

Technically, I did win one hand, but it wasn’t the big deal that I thought it would be. After getting stuck with a bunch of rotten cards, I finally got a hand to be reckoned with and those jerks folded! All I got for my trouble was a couple of pennies. It’s totally unfair.

I refuse to believe that there is anything is this world that Alex can do and I can’t. I can handle Brian being a little better than me at some things, because he’s pretty smart. Not Alex, though. He’s a freak. He is not better than me. I cannot keep losing like that.

I have got to figure out a way to win at this game. What would Xena do? She’d probably be all cool and scary and everyone would just hand over their money so they wouldn’t get hurt.

I want to win, but it’s not worth getting grounded for “unnecessary roughness” again. I need a plan.
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TSB wrote:
Part of the concept behind Action Figure Diary is that some parts of the story are best told as comic strips and some are best told as diary entries.

I don't do them very often, but I really enjoy the diary entries because of the insight they can give us about a character. I try to save them for times when they will enhance the story.


In other news, it's my father-in-law's birthday. Happy birthday, Tom! Tom is an excellent guy and is very supportive of this project. Lots of people tell me that he sent them here.
05/01/05 09:38:39

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